Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association | Executive Briefing for a Membership Association

April 9, 2013  by Editor  •  Communications

006-Agile MarketingWith a far-flung membership of more than 400,000 pilots and aviation enthusiasts, the AOPA faces a special challenge to keep its members up to date on critical initiatives it’s taking on its members’ behalf. This is an example of how the association’s executives used KnowledgeVision to brief the AOPA President’s Council, the leading supporters of the organization’s work. This presentation uses the KnowledgeVision playlist feature to organize and present five different presentations in a single KnowledgeVision player, making it easy for viewers to navigate and access more than an hour of material.

Bruce Landsberg, President, AOPA Foundation
Kathleen Vasconcelos, VP of Education & Operations, AOPA Foundation
Greg Pecoraro, VP of Airport & States Advocacy, AOPA Government Affairs
Tom Haines, Senior VP, Editor in Chief, AOPA Foundation
Jennifer Storm, Director of Public Relations, AOPA Foundation

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