Harvard University | Enhancing a Guest Lecture Series

April 10, 2013  by Editor  •  Learning

047-the_automated_salesforce A joint lecture by Harvard Dean Cherry Murray and Visiting Scientist Richard Sears is preserved and enhanced in this KnowledgeVision presentation. The two served on the President’s Commission on the BP Deepwater Oil Spill, and this lecture describes how their high-profile work unfolded. Especially noteworthy in this presentation is the active use of just-in-time footnotes to take the viewer to supplemental material, the use of virtual handouts offering the commission’s full report and recommendations, and the incorporation of video animations along with the slides.

Cherry A. Murray, Dean, Harvard School of Engineering & Applied Sciences
Rich Sears, Sr. Science & Engineering Advisor, National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling


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