Museum of Science, Boston and Seven Cambridge Associates | Presenting an Architectural Vision and Master Plan

April 9, 2013  by Editor  •  Communications

019-secrets_of_building_effective_social KnowledgeVision is at its most effective when it combines an expert storyteller with a rich illustration of the concept that storyteller is explaining. Video allows the storyteller to use the full range of human communications devices: body language, facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice, and props. And a good presentation shows things that are not possible for words to fully describe, no matter how eloquent the presenter. Boston’s Museum of Science is using KnowledgeVision to tell the powerful story of a new vision for this iconic museum’s future. The storyteller here is Peter Kuttner, President of Cambridge Seven Associates, who is leading the project. Peter describes and illustrates that collective vision in a riveting presentation that took just a few hours to produce on KnowledgeVision but will endure for years as the Museum of Science garners support for the project.

Peter Kuttner, President, Cambridge Seven Associates


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